Why we must oppose, resist and combat Socialism at all costs and by all available means

Socialism is a fraudulent political system aiming to abolish democracy and impose total State control (that is, control by a ruling Socialist party) and dictatorship on the whole of society. As such, it is the greatest enemy of freedom, democracy and justice in the modern world.

Socialism and money interests

The belief that money interests have a “right-wing agenda” stems from public ignorance about the facts as well as from disinformation put out by Socialists and their financial backers.

The fact is that Socialism’s aims of enforcing State control over resources, finance and economy coincide with those of monopolistic money interests (big business, industry and banking) who are secretly financing and directing Socialism from behind the scenes. In return, Socialist organisations ranging from think-tanks to academic institutions to political parties are promoting the agendas of their financial backers.

Examples of money power backing for Socialist and related left-wing projects include:

Financial and technical assistance to the tune of billions of dollars provided by leading American and European banking and industrial corporations to the Soviet Union from its creation to its collapse.

The European Recovery Programme a.k.a. Marshall Plan which bankrolled Western Europe’s Socialist regimes in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The massive financial support provided by US banks to Democratic (left-of-centre) presidential candidate Barack Obama whose campaign raised $600 million as opposed to $367 million raised by the Republican (right-of-centre) candidate George W Bush four years earlier.

Socialism and the economy

Socialist economic policies such as full employment through nationalisation and State control of industries and services have proved time and again to be bogus. To win followers and supporters and cover up the blatant economic incompetence of their system, Socialists promise better services through increased public spending. However, indefinite increase in public spending can only be sustained through ever-rising taxes and national debt. This leads to taxpayers being robbed of their earnings while at the same time becoming indebted to and dependent on international finance – in effect, a new form of mass slavery and rule by financial interests.

To increase its support base Socialism also promotes mass immigration in the knowledge that most immigrants will vote for Socialist parties. This leads to higher housing and living costs as well as lower wages, resulting in lower living standards for the majority of the host population – with the exception of the interests behind Socialist policies (e.g., leading members of the British Labour Party who profit from their position of power and influence).

Socialism and world government

The ultimate aim of Socialists and their financial supporters is to establish a world government with total control over all of the world’s resources, finances and economic systems, as well as education, culture, religion and all other aspects of public and private life.

The chief instrument for achieving this has been the United Nations, an organisation founded in 1945 by the Rockefellers and associates and run by their Socialist front men and collaborators.

In 1951, the Fabian Society founded the Socialist International to direct and coordinate the worldwide activities of Socialist parties and governments.

The Socialist International’s very first declaration stated:

“Democratic socialism regards the establishment of the United Nations as an important step towards an international community; it demands the strict implementation of the principles of its Charter.”

In 1962 the Socialist International declared:

“The ultimate objective of the parties of the Socialist International is nothing less than world government. As a first step towards it, they seek to strengthen the United Nations so that it may become more and more effective.”

This was parroted by Socialist parties around the world, especially the British Labour Party – the dominant International member – whose manifestos read:

“For us world government is the final objective and the United Nations the chosen instrument.”

While over time the terminology has slightly changed, e.g., from “world government” to “global governance”, the idea, the instrument through which it is to be implemented (the UN) and the interests behind it have remained the same.

The UN is assisted in its drive for world government by a worldwide network of organisations dominated by Socialists and acting as regional governments (e.g., the European Union and the African Union), as well as by private organisations operating behind the scenes (e.g., the Bilderberg Group), all of which were set up by leading Socialists and their financial backers.

Socialism and dictatorship

Dictatorship is the logical consequence of the Socialist aim to achieve total control over resources, means of production and labour force.

This is why Socialism has always attacked liberal democracy while advocating dictatorship under some pretext or other and using various means to enforce it, ranging from force of arms to oppressive laws to mass psychological manipulation and control.

According to Russia’s Socialist leader Vladimir I. Lenin,

“Democracy is by no means a limit one may not overstep; it is only one of the stages in the development from capitalism to Communism … All citizens will become employees and workers of one national state syndicate … The whole of society will become one office and one factory, with equal work and equal pay … this factory discipline will extend to the whole of society after the defeat of the capitalists …”

The anti-democratic and dictatorial character of Socialism is even more clearly exposed by Lenin’s call for “iron discipline while at work, with unquestioning obedience to the will of the Soviet leader [i.e., himself]”.

Britain’s own Socialist leader, Bernard Shaw, who was an admirer of Lenin and Stalin, declared:

“We must get the Socialist movement out of its old democratic grooves … We, as Socialists, have nothing to do with liberty … democracy is incompatible with Socialism …”

Modern information and communication technologies have made it more difficult for Socialists to use such blunt language, forcing them to be more guarded in their public statements. However, their anti-democratic and dictatorial intentions have been exposed time and again by the methods Socialist governments have applied in order to enforce Socialism and suppress opposition.

Socialism and racial hatred

As a hate-based system, Socialism seeks to sow hatred among social groups which it aims to set against each other in order to impose its rule on society by suppressing one group with the help of another.

Originally, Socialism used the working class as a tool for suppressing the middle and upper classes. Thanks to mass immigration, a growing immigrant community later came into being and was used by Socialists to suppress indigenous people.

While claiming to oppose all racism, Socialists condone those forms of it that advance their agenda. Racism, racial discrimination and racial hatred against white people have become markers of all Socialist-dominated societies, particularly in Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.) but increasingly also in Europe and America.

Socialism and genocide

History shows that Socialism not only plays off one social group against another, but aims to annihilate anybody – from individuals to entire communities – that stands in its way. Karl Marx believed that large numbers of his generation had to go under to give way to those who were “fit for the new Socialist world order.” His collaborator Friedrich Engels similarly held that all “reactionary” that is, non-Socialist, peoples had to perish in a worldwide Socialist revolution. The total number of victims murdered by Socialist regimes in Russia, China and other Socialist dictatorships has been estimated at about 100 million.

By the 1960s, Socialists came to look on white people as an obstacle to the creation of a uniform, non-white Socialist world state and began to impose discriminatory and repressive policies against white people, such as mass immigration from Africa and South Asia designed to displace white populations and replace them with non-white ones.

This policy of population replacement is also linked to Socialist economic policies based on mass immigration serving the interests of landlords and employers by driving living costs up and wages down while at the same time ensuring a steady pool of support for Socialist parties and governments.

Non-white races are not faring much better, as shown by events in South Africa and Zimbabwe where white governments have been replaced with black Socialist dictatorships serving the interests of self-seeking elites.

Socialism and religious hatred

As an atheistic system, Socialism has as ultimate goal the abolition of religion. In the meantime, however, it uses religion for its own agenda. In the same way as it encourages working-class hatred against other classes and non-white hatred against whites, Socialism encourages non-Christian hatred against Christians.

The main religion favoured by Socialists is Islam which they have always admired for its totalitarian policies. Socialists support Islam (especially militant forms of it) which they regard as “revolutionary” against Christianity which they regard as “reactionary” or “counter-revolutionary”. This has led to close co-operation between Socialists and militant Islamic groups aiming to establish Islamic supremacy over other religions.

Socialism and terrorism

While carefully constructing a façade of “respectability” for itself, Socialism has eagerly embraced terrorism to achieve its objectives where other means have failed. Leading Socialists like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin all advocated terrorism and Socialism has maintained close links to terrorist organisations from the Irish Republican Army (IRA) to the African National Congress (ANC) aiming to impose Socialism by force, as well as to allied Islamic groups.

To achieve its antidemocratic ends, Socialism uses a wide network of organisations from think-tanks to universities, political parties, protest groups and terrorist organisations. In Britain, these have included the following:

The Fabian Society, a London-based private organisation with close links to international financial interests and acting as the directing force behind the Socialist movement in Britain and internationally. To achieve its objective the FS has set up a network of hundreds of organisations including universities, research institutions, think-tanks, pressure groups and political parties.

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), founded by the Fabian Society to promote and control Socialism and to exert influence on education, the civil service and politics. It has been funded by subversive interests like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers whose agenda it promotes and has also received funding from murderous foreign dictators like Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. The LSE has one of the largest proportions of foreign students, is chaired by Goldman Sachs International chairman Peter Sutherland (who also heads the UN Forum on Migration) and has been particularly active in the promotion of anti-national policies like mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation.

The Labour Party. Like the LSE, the Labour Party was founded by the Fabian Society to promote and control Socialism in Britain and abroad, has been bankrolled by subversive interests from Marxist trade unions to the Rockefeller-controlled International Monetary Fund (IMF) and has been an active promoter of mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation.

The National Union of Students (NUS), founded by the Fabian-controlled LSE and London University to manipulate and control the student movement. Behind a false façade of “respectability” the NUS is controlled by radical elements who label all opposition to Socialism as “extremism” and have called for its violent suppression.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF), a far-left pressure group aiming to deflect attention from the fraudulent, antidemocratic and criminal character of Socialism by branding as “fascists” all those who disagree with Socialist ideology and policy. In addition, the UAF has taken to acts of extreme violence against rival protesters, police officers and members of the public.

Red Action, another far-left outfit associated with the above with close links to terrorist organisations like the IRA and preaching “Socialism through terrorism”.

Irish Republican Army (IRA), an Irish-based Marxist terrorist organisation aiming to convert Ireland into a Socialist republic under the guise of “nationalism”.

British Future, a Fabian think-tank aiming to destroy British society and culture through multiculturalism and multiracialism.

No Borders, an association of far-left organisations and individuals operating in Britain and across Europe with the aim of destroying Western civilisation through unrestricted mass immigration and the dissolution of nation-states.

Resistance is the only solution

Support from international finance, law agencies and left-wing governments as well as the media, advertising and entertainment industries enables Socialism to spread its hate-fuelled poison and pursue its criminal policies with impunity.

In the past few years, fateful events like incontrollable mass immigration have shown that Socialism has succeeded in subverting and eroding the political system across Europe and the Western world to the point of collapse. Chaos and take-over by Socialism and allied ideologies like Islamism (Islamo-Stalinism) is bound to follow. Civilisation can only be saved by ignoring the treacherous political establishment and by taking democracy into our own hands where it properly belongs.

As established political parties, governments, public prosecuting authorities and police forces have shown absolutely no interest in stopping the relentless advance of Socialism and its allies, it has become a practical necessity and a moral duty to initiate a mass movement to expose, resist and combat this enemy of humanity as a matter of the greatest urgency, so that freedom, democracy and justice may be restored in our society.


The defeat of Socialism can be achieved only by educating, organising and mobilising the masses.

As a first step, the public must be made aware of the fact that Socialism is a fraudulent and criminal system which is more dangerous to freedom, democracy and justice than Fascism and Nazism combined.

The next step is to expose and oppose individuals, groups and organisations directly or indirectly advancing Socialist agendas.

How you can help

  • Raise public awareness of the Socialist organisations that have infiltrated and taken over the political system and society at large, their aims and the ways they operate.
  • Form fact-finding, study and research groups to investigate their history, connections, sources of support, impact on society, etc.
  • Boycott, protest or take other suitable action against all media, political parties, educational and academic institutions, pressure groups, charity organisations, business enterprises, sport organisations and other governmental and non-governmental entities supporting or promoting Socialism or Socialists and their ideology, policies and activities.

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